Dance is one of the most fun, creative, and expressive forms of exercise for children.

Children who learn to dance experience the joy of physical self expression in a supportive and structured setting.

Kids who are active are paving the road to a healthy life.  Exercise leads to stronger bones and muscles and increased flexibility, as well as decreased risk of Type 2 Diabetes.  Children who are fit are more focused in the classroom and sleep better at night.

Dancers develop a positive attitude about being healthy and strong.

Dancers develop a positive attitude about being healthy and strong.


Developmentally, dance offers an opportunity to make new friends, and develop social skills.  As with sports, dance can foster teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

Dance, perhaps more than other forms of exercise,  teaches elements of time, space, rhythm, and design.

Glover Recreation dance instructors Shaylyn and Shelby.



Instructor Shelby Blake is entering her 3rd year teaching for the Glover Dance Program.  She previously studied dance with the North Country High School Dance Company and with the North Country School of Dance.  This is Shaylyn Beaton’s second year as assistant instructor, after being a student with the Glover Dance Program for 6-7 years.

Together they teach a variety of dance styles, focusing on intro to ballet for the younger students and some Jazz and hip hip for the older kids.

Shelby says she enjoys seeing how her students change throughout the year.  “They really learn to work at it, and their focus changes, knowing that they’ll be performing in front of people.”

The program is for children ages 4 years through 8th grade.

Classes are held Saturday mornings, from October to April and ends with a performance for family and friends.

Fee is $100 for Glover residents and $125 for non-Glover residents.