Glover Day

The highlight of the year and the best celebration of Glover on the town green.

Traditionally  held on the last Saturday in July, Glover Day offers something for everyone.  The highlights of the day are the Runaway Pond Road Race for runners and walkers, and the Tour de Glover Mountain Bike Race. On the green in Glover village there are treats, games, sales, and live make-cotton-candy-2entertainment.

Cotton candy for the young and the young at heart.  Who can resist the fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness?

Jason Racine had a steady stream of eager customers at the cotton candy station


Plenty of calories there to replace all the energy used up in the kids 2K race


Jungle animals prowled the village green.  No, really this face paint is a sample of Donna Bousquet’s talents.  Lots of children masqueraded as tigers, lions, clowns, cats, or just opted for a simple flower painted on the cheek, or a snake slithering up an arm.


More contestants in the kids’ 2K, warming up for the race in the bouncy house.








The Glover Historical Society displayed the history of Runaway Pond.  Next year will the 200th anniversary of the event and the GHS is planning a weekend long celebration.







The Glover Library has it’s annual book sale under the big tent.










One of the biggest draws for Glover Day is the Runaway Pond Road Race (Run, Chamberlain, Run!) Participants choose to run or walk the 5.5 mile course.  Rafer Dannenhauer led the pack  and was the overall winner of the race with a time of 29:21.












Tara Nelson was the first female runner to cross the finish line with a time of 35:10.






The Tour de Glover bike race begins by the village green and heads up Still Hill.  Sheldon Miller led the pack and broke the record with a time of  47:03.  Rose Long was the first woman rider to finish the race with a time of




The kids’ 2k race also begins by the green, loops around the Glover School soccer field and parking lot, and then leads back down to the green and the finish line.  Rian Hayman-Jones sprinted ahead of the group and won the race in 4 min 29 sec.  Haley Kennedy was the fist girl to cross the finish in 4:44. bp-band2





The Bread and Puppet Band help the 5.5 mile runners sown the homestretch with lively music.